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CoughPHP News

2008-12-19: CoughPHP 1.3.5 released!
2008-11-12: CoughPHP 1.3.4 released!
2008-10-19: CoughPHP 1.3.3 released!


Quick Overview

Cough is an extremely lightweight PHP ORM framework for dealing with objects that have single table counterparts in a database. Cough is built to be easy to learn, use, and extend.

Cough generates all the code you need for managing the object model-to-relational model mapping. This includes simple methods for all your CRUD functionality. This also includes Cough Collection classes that represent the relationships between tables in your data model.

Unlike MVC frameworks (in PHP and other languages), Cough doesn't control how you handle your views and controllers. In an MVC application, it intends to only be the model, or a portion of the model. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for projects that involve custom development that must integrate with other existing applications.

Cough is an open source software project and is driven by community contributions. It is under the FreeBSD license.

Server Management Guide


Create (INSERT)

$customer = new Customer();
$customer->setName('First Customer');
$customerId = $customer->getKeyId();

Read/Retrieve (SELECT)

$customer = Customer::constructByKey($customerId);

Update (UPDATE)

$customer->setName('New Name');

Delete/Destroy (DELETE)


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