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CoughPHP 1.3.5 Released

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2 Responses to “CoughPHP 1.3.5 Released”

  1. norman784 Says:

    It’s very cool the idea of a ligthweight framework, I’m working on my own lightweight framework ( and I have 2 objetives:

    - Build a lightweight framework with the most common features for small projects
    - Easy to learn and fast to deploy a webproject

    I think you need to put more code in your files so you can have less files. Write a plugin system to personalize some of the features of your framework, so the end user developer that use this will no need to modifi your framework.

  2. Anthony Bush Says:

    Careful in your comparison of CoughPHP, an ORM, to a full framework. pk-framework would be better compared to LightVC (no models), or LightVC+CoughPHP (with models).

    Some things to note, however, are:

    - LightVC and CoughPHP follow best practices, use OOP, are PHP5 strict compatible, notice free, etc. pk-framework has some work to do in this regard.

    - CoughPHP provides the ability to insert an extension class to the two core classes, CoughObject and CoughCollection, providing more customization opportunities than a plugin system.

    - The current state of pk-framework’s trunk does not even work.

    - pk-framework has already strayed from the objective of being a lightweight framework. There is a lot of fluff, e.g. the assumptions about the data model, the PHP4 compatibility, etc. It may be time to re-evaluate the objectives.