SEO, an effective platform for free

Search engine facilitators like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others provide their platforms at zero cost to about 60 Trillion and growing, individual websites to use them to find the niche that they need to further their commercial objectives.

By utilizing these readily available mediums, users are able to peruse instant information browsing the World Wide Web, finding for information, entertainment, sports, products, services and a host of other materials.

The many websites who are an integral part of this sophisticated network are able to use the same platform and install the optimum information for the users to find when they are perusing the internet.

“The early bird catches the worm” is best illustrated when a website is at search engine optimization or SEO and stands out to provide the first information that a perusing user observes, when using the respective search engine.

Search engine optimization or SEO can only be achieved if the particular website is well structured with convenient navigational procedures with effective content, the right keywords and a continuous updating of information that would be sought after by the Billions of users searching for something at any given time, all over the world. 


Being employable by projecting the right attitude

To succeed in new jobs prospective candidates should be employable and need to have the necessary qualifications suited for the vacancies under review.

If experience is required for the jobs, they should have acquired it during their formative years. Their skills should match the new job vacancies, and above all they should display the right attitude to be employable.

Attitude is what matters most if you are to succeed in a top job and make a career out of it. If you do not project the right attitude towards the tasks delegated to you and have the harmonious attitude required to work with your colleagues, chances are that you would not survive long in any topjobs that may come your way.

Sri Lanka with very democratic traditions embedded into the fabric of our society look to work with each other in a very frank and open manner, hence displaying the right attitude with others working with you would be paramount to succeed in whatever top jobs you would do.

Employers granting appointments for jobs in Sri Lanka should be satisfied that the candidate is employable in the organization.

To succeed in a top job Sri Lanka you would need to work hard and with commitment, and have the right attitude.

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Rakiyawa has always striven to bring the best out of their applicants and trained them to face interviews with style and confidence.

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